Escondido East Rotarian's cleanup the Pavillion at Kit Carson Park.
Rotarian's met Saturday morning to clean up the Pavilion at Kit Carson Park. This pavillion was built by our Rotary Club in 2008 and was dedicated to one of the Founding members, Lloyd Holt, yes that is Lori Pfeiler's father. It turns out Lloyd was our last active Founding member.
We pulled screws out left behind from holding balloon strings and banners from birthday parties past, and various other celebrations. Tacks and strings, and lots of cellophane tape. Making it look tattered and warn. We cleaned up chalk on the concrete pad and tables, that were added by what looked like young children having fun. We swept the pad, and we did a quick coat of white paint on the eve of the roof. We were informed by the city, there was going to be a party there soon. We don't know who it was for, but we wanted it to look good for them.
Thanks to all that helped. If you did not make it, you missed out on a lot of fun.
I have to point out, a special thanks to Mike Miller, who showed up, in his Lawyer garb, including tie. But that didn't stop him, he jumped right in and even did some painting.
We have used this Pavilion annually to be home base for our annual Deep Pit BBQ that we stopped once Covid came. But it is obvious, the community has gotten many events under it's roof. Our Club should be proud to be associated with the Club that built this Pavillion. I was not here, when our club did this, there are very few left, that were.  We will let you know when we go back out to power wash it, one day soon, then a subsequent day, to finish the painting.
We did not finish. There is some work required on the roof, and perhaps we can find a generous roofer to help us repair it. We want to paint the entire underneath portion of the roof, but first we want to use a power washer to spray it out to get rid of wasp nests, spider webs and dust, oh yeah, there is a lot of dust. 
Check out a few photos of our members cleaning and painting at:  Photo Album
Ken Hamilton