Rotarian's help Operation America Care by packing care packages for our Troops in Afghanistan.

Rotarians from all clubs in Escondido, joined together to participate in Operation Amerca Care's monthly Packing Parties. Members from our club that were there were:
Josh Banks
Irene Bauer
Darol & Linda Caster
Anna Marie Dawber
Patty Griese
Marty & Amy Espinoza
Ken Hamilton
Rebecca Wahl, (our Newest member!)
Debbie Young
We packed more than two hundred packages destined to our service men and women stationed in Afghanistan.
Each box was about 13 x 13 x 7 inches and contained items such as chewing gum and some candy, toiletries such as tissue, shaving razors, toothpaste, tooth brush, mouthwash, soap. Some received magazines or paperback books. Various food items, as well as envelopes for letters, writing pens and paper.
We packed the smaller, loose items, in to sealable plastic bags, to protect the contents of the box from potential spills as well as protecting the goods from the sand, that inevitably finds it's way into everything. Did I mention we tried to include one roll of toilet paper in every box.
We got to read Thank You Letters, from past recipients, telling how much they appreciated the gifts and the thoughts that came with it. They really enjoy the little things, remember I said we pack some of the smaller, or liquid items in sealable plastic bags... well it turns out these bags are really appreciated, again to keep the sand out.
It was fun to work side by side with our other Rotarians, and share in this.